Central and Eastern European Economies after the Ukrainian War —
Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Basic Concept of the Volume:
This volume should be considered as a natural follow up of the Emerging European Economies after the Pandemic book, after these economies suffered the war shock. However, beyond the 8 countries considered in the EEEAP, the Baltic countries should also be taken into account and any other country in the region that may be relevant for the topic of a chapter.

Data and evidence based economic policy analysis.

Expected Length of a Chapter:
Between 30 and 40 pages (measured in LaTeX output pages), but if absolutely necessary, e.g., due to many data tables, it can be somewhat longer.

Delivery of the final camera-ready manusrript to the publisher: April 2024.
The beta (first full and complte version) of the chapters should be made available for an internal iteration process by early November 2023 the latest.
However, depending on the events on the ground, if some (even temporary) settlement is reached we should start the write up. Then we should make the manuscript available within 4 months of this settelement. The editor will notify the contributors in due time if this 2nd scenario comes into effect.