Central and Eastern European Economies and the War in Ukraine


Typesetting: The book will be producing a 100% camera-ready manuscript in LaTeX using Overleaf. Each chapter will have an assigned directory, then the volume will be compiled together. Please use your Overleaf directory, LaTeX and the macro provided by the publisher. The editor will share with all contributors your assigned directory when the write up starts, including the relevant Springer macros.

Language: You can use English or American spelling, but it must be consistent within a chapter.

Other minor issues:

  • Quotation marks: Please use double quotation marks (``...'') when directly citing somebody, otherwise use a single one. Also please be reminded that opening and closing quotation marks are different in LaTeX.
  • Use of abbreviation: other than the obvious ones, please define them when first used.
  • A Chapter has Sections (1.2, 1.2.3, etc. are all Sections) and no sub-chapters or parts.
  • When making direct reference to a web-site (e.g., www.xxx.zzz... or htpps:....) it should be dealt with as a reference: the address should be in the reference list.
  • You can use plural or singular after the word data, but please be consistent within a chapter.
  • Please use i.e., instead of i.e. and similarly e.g., instead of e.g.
  • About indexing (words, expression, etc that you would like to be featured in the book's Index): Please use the LaTeX command \index{...} . For example like: The \index{migration wave} migration wave of the....
  • Any figure or table should be referenced to in the text otherwise the publisher is going to ask for its removal.
  • Please use USD instead of US$, EUR instead of € and so on for all currencies.
  • We must have a unified system for country name abbreviations, as in a book we cannot have different abbreviations for the same country! Please use the Eurostat one: Find it here.
  • Figures are copyright protected, so if you want to use one that has been published somewhere else you should get a permission to use it. You would be much better off if you produce your own figures and graphs.