Central and Eastern European Economies and the War in Ukraine


Chapter 1:
Economic Sanctions: Short and Long Term Effects
Julia Kiraly and team
Chapter 3 2:
Economic Growth and Resilience
Peter Benczur and Istvan Konya
Chapter 2 3:
Energy Shortage, Security and Transition
Lukasz Mamica and team
Chapter 5 4:
Inflation Shock and Monetary Policy
Szilard Benk and Peter Horvath
Chapter 6 5:
Budget and Fiscal Balance & Discipline
Csaba Laszlo and team
Chapter 7 6:
External Balances and their Sustainability
Balazs Csonto and team
Chapter 8 7:
Trade, Deteriorating Terms of Trade and FDI
Zsoka Koczan and Maxim Chupilkin
Chapter 10 8:
Refugees: Economics Costs and Eventual Benefits
Gyorgy Bogel, Karolina Czerska-Shaw, Jan Brzozowski, Laszlo Matyas and Katalin Tausz
Chapter 9 :
Migration and Labour Markets
Martin Guzi and team
Chapter 4 10:
Reconstruction of Ukraine – EU Co-opearation - Opportunities for the CEE countries
Michael Landesmann and team